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This feed unit synchronizes the delivery of coiled strip stock from a coil handling module to press metal forming operations.  It combines a air floating coil transport module, uncoiler module, pinch roll module, loop control and servo feed units into one space saving integrated package.


The Uncoiler Module has the material (coil) mounted on a mandrel.  The mandrel  assembly is provided with a pivoting mount.  This allows the coil to be continually repositioned to keep the stock angle between the coil and pinch rolls as consistent as possible. 


The Threading Module will assist the press operator with a powered thread-up feature to feed material into the loop stand and into the punch tooling and die set.


The Pinch Roll Module has two rolls  which pull material from the stock coil and places it into the stock loop.  The rolls are powered by a servo-driven motor


The Loop Control Module consist of a vertical stock loop and guides and a sensor.  The sensor controls the loop height.


The Servo Feed Module pulls material from the stock loop and delivers it to the press.  The upper and lower rolls are direct driven by two separate servo motors. 


An Air Floating Coil Transport Module can be added to the system.  This module permits the material handler to retrieve a coil from an off-line storage area.  The module is moved into location and is guided into the uncoiler module by side guides and the uncoiler module is positioned to receive the coil.

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