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This feed is arranged to accept coiled strip stock from a Global Feeding Systems provided vertical uncoiler with horizontal “S” loop unit with bridge extension.  The feed roll assembly mounts to a robust structural steel weldment which bolts directly to the press.  The feed is oriented to index the material parallel to the centerline of the press.  This unit will accommodate material widths 6” (152mm) to 25” (635mm) with stock thickness from 0.008”- 0.012” (0.2 - 0.3mm) at up to 600 strokes per minute.

Narrow Coil Servo-Driven Feed Unit

Click on the Icon above to view video of our Narrow Coil Feed System running.  (Depending upon your connection and processor speeds, you may need to run the video  again after the first time to view the video at full speed).

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