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Wide “Cupper” Feed System

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The Wide Stock Cupper Lubricator Combination Feed System was developed to provide a high speed cupping system for the container industry in conjunction with Formatec  Tooling Systems using a Minster DAC-200 Double Action Press (but not limited to).  The feed roll assembly mounts to a robust structural steel weldment which bolts directly to the press.  The feed is oriented to index the material parallel to the centerline of the press.  This unit will accommodate material widths up to 75” (190.5cm) with stock thickness from 0.008”- 0.012” (0.2 - 0.3mm) at up to 350 strokes per minute with a maximum feed progression of 6” (152mm).


A combination entry stock catenary support (stock guide) is mounted to the entry end of the pinch roll.  The exit stock guides near the die are bar type for maximum accuracy and bolt to the lower guide plate.  A low inertia, high torque servomotor drives the index roll.  The drive system is totally independent of the press.

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