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Our Vertical Loop Stand synchronizes the delivery of coiled strip stock from a powered payoff reel to press metal forming operations.  The press operator will be assisted with a powered thread-up feature to feed material from Global Feeding Systems provided powered payoff reel into the loop stand and into the punch tooling and die set.

It combines stock loop control, and feed units into a space saving integrated package.  It eliminates the need for a horizontal pinch roll and press mounted feed catenary.  The pinch rolls, loop accumulator, and feed roll assemblies are mounted on a robust structural steel frame.  The legs of the lower base are adjustable for varying press heights for uneven floors.  Air cushion casters are mounted to the legs of the structure for ease of removal and transfer of unit.  A manual air valve with interlock activates the cushions to lift the unit for transfer the loop stand across the floor by as few as one operator.

Patent Pending Vertical Loop Stand System

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Click on the photo above to view a video of our Vertical Loop Stand/Feed Unit running.  (Depending upon your connection and processor speeds, you may need to run the video again after the first time to view video at full speed).