The operator controls are mounted on a sloped front push button box which is to be mounted on customer/press system supplier  and place of choice.

The Controls for the Global Feeding Systems coil feed systems consist of the following features:

· Jog forward / reverse switch

· Pinch roll open / close switch.  Push buttons for the opening and closing of the feed rolls are provided to enable the threading of stock into the feed from the control station.

· Drive is programmable to allow optimization of feed parameters such as feed angle and progression.

· Air conditioner provided in electrical panel

· Program to be provided with the system.  Control Logix is through a programmable controller.

· Coil feeding is electronically “cammed” to the press.  Press stroke position is relayed to the controller by a press mounted encoder.  The encoder will be provided by Global Feeding Systems.  The customer/press system supplier is generally  to provide the drive and mounting for the encoder.  The Feed profile consists of a modified sine curve.

· Interlocks to press control are plug-in.

· Enclosure includes disconnect.

Global Feeding Systems can provide Pneumatic and Electrical Schematics for the System.

Electrical / Controls Package

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